Welcome ! I am Esmine Masters part owner of E & A Jewelry which was launched in Toronto in the summer of 2012 by my daughter Andrea and I. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients and take great pride in offering jewelry that is elegant, stylish, beautifully finished, and create a distinctive look for casual and business settings. Our backgrounds in finance has given us the advantage in being cost concious in sourcing, designing and making affordable jewelry.

Combining the art of handmade jewelry and the passion for natural health and wellness, we embrace the notion that gemstones and crystals bear energetic properties that promote healing and help to balance the body, mind and spirit.

Incorporating the healing properties of semi-precious stones into refined and well styled jewelry, and our love for materials sourced from the earth, including lava rocks, is one of the most pleasurable aspects of our jewelry making.

Using an artful balance of colour, light and texture, we craft designs that are casual, yet elegant, flattering, as well as fun and timeless. Our traditional knotting techniques ensure strength, security, instant elegance and class for any outfit. Knotting allows necklaces to fall softly around the neck with a graceful flow not obtainable from just stringing with jewelry wire.

We always strive to create a collection that offers a rich array of stylish jewelry to express individual unforgettable moments.

What we treasure most about our work, is meeting with our clients and making sure that they are satisfied with our service. We pride ourselves in offering guilt-free price points from our diverse and affordable inventory for all genders.

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