Howlite with Chakra Beads

The Chakra System

Our Seven Life-Force Energy Centers

Wheel of life refers to the constant rotational spin of the Chakras which are our feedback channels to the universe around us.

Chakras are the centers or portals in the human energy field, located along the central line of the body, starting at the base of the spine and travelling all the way up and out the top of the head. There are seven major Chakras, as well as other minor ones. These energy centers pulse and vibrate all the time, helping us to live a full and meaningful life.

Each Chakra is associated with a certain part of the body and a certain organ which it provides with the energy it needs to function.

The finer energies of the upper Chakras correspond to our higher mental and physical aspirations and faculties.

The lower Chakras are associated with fundamental emotions and needs. The energy here vibrate at a lower frequency and is therefore denser in nature.

In order for us to be fully self-realized and in harmony with our physical and spiritual nature, our denser lower energies need to be harmonized with the lighter energies of the upper centers. Each center has an integral function in creating our energy balance. It is through the study of our energetic and physical being that we can create emotional stability, spiritual bliss and good health.

If the Chakras are not balanced, or if energies are blocked, the basic life force is slowed and we can feel listless, tired, out of sort or depressed. Not only will physical bodily functions be affected, and diseases may manifest, but the thought process and the mind may be affected by negative attitudes, fears and doubt.

Through the use of grounding, creating " internal space" and living consciously with an awareness on how we use our energies, we become capable of balancing our life force with our mental, physical and spiritual selves.

Knowledge of the Chakras help to cultivate, refine, educate and give us a better understanding as to who we are and provide us with guidance on our life's journey.

Chakra colors are typically broken down into seven and following the colors of the rainbow. While these colors reflect different energy frequencies of light and energy associated with each energy center, their meaning may be related to the function of its associated Chakra symbolism.

Root Chakra is loacated at the base of the spine, its colour is red, and its element is earth. It promotes feelings of being grounded and connected to the earth. It makes one feel alert, vigilant and primal. It is the seat of physical vitality and the fundamental urge to survive. Its main aspect is innocence.

Sacral Chakra is located a few inches below the belly button, its colour is orange and its element is water. This energetic and creative colour enhance feelings of warmth, security, passion, pleasure and sexuality. This energy is the center for creating relationships of all kinds. It is where we develop an inward sense of self and an outward awareness of others.

Solar Plexus Chakra is located a few inches above the belly button, its colour is yellow and its element is water. This strong emotional color promote feelings of confidence, courage, optimism, self-esteem and make us feel stimulated, prepared and capable. It is the center of unrefined emotions and personal power.

Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest, just above and to the right of the heart, its colour is green and its element is water. This vibrant colour promote feelings of well-being, tranquility, serenity, compassion and kindness. It makes you feel alert, healthy and sympathetic. It is the center of real unconditional affection, spiritual growth, devotion and love. It is the bridge connecting the lower and higher energies of our being and is the place where reside our spirit, our true self, free and independent.

Throat Chakra is located above the collar bone, its colour is light blue and its element is sound. This intellectual colour, promotes feelings of self-expression, truth and communication. This is where the voice of one's truth is expressed. It is the Chakra of diplomacy, pure relationships with others and playfulul detachment.

Third Eye Chakra is located in the forehead above the eyebrows. Its colour is indigo and its element is light. This is a very spiritual colour that enhances feelings of intuition, extrasensory perception, inner wisdom and energy. It is the Chakra of compassion and forgiveness. It is here that we visualize things through our "third eye" of intuitive knowledge.

Crown Chakra is loated at the top of the head. Its colour is white or violet and its element is thought. White and Violet are universal colours and promote feelings of being connected to all. They also enhance feelings of onenesss and spiritual healing. They also promote feelings of evolving, exaltation and spiritual awakening. This center integrates all the Chakras with their receptive qualities. Mastering the lower vibrational aspect of our being allows to reside in the full awareness that we are spiritual beings, living a full existence.

An Overview

The Chakras below the feet and above the head are not included in the Chakras listed above as they are not within the body. The Chakra below the feet is the Earth Star Chakra. It governs the principle of ensuring that we are able to ground our excess energy into the earth, and its colour is black and brown.

The Chakra above the head is the Soul Star Chakra. It governs the ability to link the conscious mind and the higher self of soul. It is associated with spirituality, enlightenment and ascension. Its colour is bright white.

The Hindu name of the Chakras are Muladhara,Swadhishtana,Manipura,Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara.

their related sounds are Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Om and Breath of silence.

Their related senses are Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch, Hearing, Neutral and None.