My name is Esmine Masters. My daughter Andrea and I establish and maintain E & A Jewelry. Andrea is a Chartered Accounting and is responsible for all administration and other aspects of our business. With a background in Systems and Accounting, I am responsible for designing our website, designing and making most of our Inventory.

In 2008 Andrea experienced a long illness from a viral infection and that experience changed our lives forever. Shortly after, I had heart surgery and while recouping I had the time to take a long hard look at myself and concluded that I was unhappy and needed to live a less stressful life.

I retired and started to incorporate better self care and diet in my daily living. My new journey began and inspired me to learn to meditate, love myself more and brought me to the realization that I needed to give back. Meditation took me in a new direction allowing me to relax, see things more clearly and be more prayerful and compassionate. I became more gracious with kindness for myself and others, more grateful for what I had and choose to be more real and genuine.

I started to volunteer at my church where I served lunch to the less fortunate in my community, and at a shelter where I helped with their mail and other miscellaneous. I also volunteered at a rehab centre for women, emphasizing how self care can help them while recovering from their addictions and at Habitat for Humanity.

I choose these places to volunteer because I wanted to be humble and help those who really needed help. I found great joy in volunteering and started feeling happier than I had in years. I needed more to fill my time so I started to look for courses to take at a Community College. I took a beginners course in jewelry making and the moment my hands touched the stones my heart told me that I made the right decision.

I took several other courses in different types of jewelry making, after which time I took a silver smith course.

I fell in love with jewelry making and started making gifts for self, friends and family. I took a jewelry designing course and started learning about stones , their healing properties and where they are from.

I fell deeper in love with the beautiful stones and experienced great joy, peace and serinity while working with them. I have a passion for the work I do, I am learning more every day, and living with the reliazation that life is a gift to be treasured.

This journey continues.